Dis-ease as the name suggest is not just a name of the suffering that a person experiences but it is the alteration in the state of health which is manifested not only on the physical , but on mental , emotional & spiritual level . There is an life energy which we call ‘ PRANA ‘ which means vital energy required for the normal functioning of the body which we call ‘ VITAL FORCE ‘ in homoeopathy . This energy is responsible to maintain harmony & balance in our body . Disease begins when this energy is disturbed by various external or internal factors . External factors means environmental factors , i.e. dust , cold , warm weather , damp, wet weather , dust etc , and along with that some internal factors like some bad experiences in our life like shock , death of some closed relatives or family members , sudden unexpected occurrences , disappointments , failures , griefs etc which causes any emotional disturbances !. Every individual reacts differently to the circumstances depending upon his physical & mental makeup which we call as ‘CONSTITUTION ‘.

So in homoeopathy we take in consideration all these factors by taking a detailed case history of the patient . We have to restore the vital force to its normalcy so that it will bring about CURE . As homoeopathy believes in treating ‘ THE MAN IN THE DISEASE & NOT THE DISEASE IN MAN ‘ .   So in short we give CONSTITUTIONAL TREATMENT ‘ to the patients . Any imbalances and harmony which is being reflected in individual on Psychological, Neurological , Endocrinological / Hormonal & Immunological level are restored back to normal .

Disease Classification

Disease are classified basically into Acute & Chronic

Acute Disease

Acute disease are the diseases which has an sudden onset , rapid manifestation , with severe complaints which may or may not be life threatening , but of short duration . It may be due to some infections or due to some injuries , strains or sprains , some physical , mental or emotional stress . Some of the acute disease are:

  • Diarrhoea /Dysentry
  • Comman cold
  • Acute allergic bronchitis
  • Pneumonia
  • Conjunctivitis /styes
  • Tonsillitis
  • Gastroenteritis / Hyperacidity /
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Sprains/ strains / Injuries /Fractures
  • Fever – Dengue , Malaria , Chikungunya , Influenza , Typhoid , Covid 19 etc
  • Urticaria

All the acute diseases can be effectively and rapidly cured by homoeopathic medicines . Contrary to the belief that Homoeopathic medicines are slow acting or takes long time to have effect or cure , it has been found that homeopathic medicines if given rationally are fast acting as compared to modern medicine and patient is cured without any side effects and long lasting weakness which usually happens after strong modern medication.

Chronic Disease

Any disease with a gradual onset , persisting for a long duration , requiring medical attention . Most of the diseases have different origins . The causes maybe,

  • Genetic / Heriditary
  •  Life style related
  •  Long lasting emotional or mental stress
  • Immunological / Autoimmune
  • To name a few chronic disease
  • Diabetes mellitus , Hypertension , Rheumatoid arthritis , Asthma , Migraine , Psoriasis , PCOS/PCOD , Thyroid disorders , Cancer , Ulcerative colitis /Crohn’s disease,etc .

In chronic disease we need to treat the cause and the effects will go on its own . Homoeopathy treats the ROOT CAUSE .


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